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Another testimonial? Yes, why not.

The Heff

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I felt that another testimonial was due, not because of any new purchases (I have my three skins, I am happy!) but because of my experiences since purchasing these skins.

I run two very different forums with different audiences, so I needed the flexibility to customise my skins according to those audiences. I've posted many questions in the customer area and always get a straight answer from Ehren, more often than not with the instructions to make the change I am after. This has ranged from some simple corrections to themes (padding issues and such) to full modifications, moving components of the skin around to better suit my desired look. I've run many forums in the past on just about every forum software out there, I can say with confidence that other skinning companies I've used have been lacking where Ehren excels.

I also decided that, due to a change in the actual look of the theme, we would not be updating one of the forums to IPB 3.2. This left me in a bit if a pickle as I desperately wanted to use IP.Content, which as of 3.1.4 was not compatible. Ehren has fixed that for me, logging into my ACP and making the necessary changes. It didn't cost me anything for this to be done and Ehren seemed genuinely happy to help (I didn't have to beg, convince, nothing).

Support is crucial in any product I purchase and I'll readily admit that I am a high maintenance customer, I expect a lot and I ask lot's of questions. Each and every time, I've left here happy with the answers.

If you are looking for a skin that's reasonably priced, stylish and comes with great support, you've come to the right place.

Fantastic work Ehren, still a very happy customer.

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