Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions have not been answered on this page, feel free to ask on the support forums.
  • Basics and requirements

  • What is ipsfocus?
    IPSFocus creates and sells themes, also known as skins, templates or designs for Invision Community (aka IPS.Suite, IP.Board). Custom themes and premade themes are for sale.
  • What are themes?
    Themes modify the design and layout of your forum (colours, images, etc). For examples of my themes, have a look at the custom themes gallery, or theme shop!
  • Requirements
    To use these themes, you must be using the latest version of Invision Community. These themes are not compatible with other software such as Wordpress, MyBB, phpBB, etc. Unfortunately refunds cannot be offered for incorrect software compatibility, so please make sure you are using Invision Community before purchasing any of these themes.
  • Do themes come with hosting, domain names, etc?
    No. Themes are simply layouts for your existing Invision website. You'll need to register your own domain name and create your own forum before using any of these themes.
  • Is this site owned or operated by Invision Power Services?
    No. This is a 3rd party theme website - we simply design products which can be installed on your Invision powered site.
  • Payments and subscriptions

  • Prices
    Premade themes for Invision Community 4.x are priced at $30.00 USD, with a $10.00 renewal fee every 6 months which maintains access to support and upgrades. Custom themes start from $300 USD, however they generally vary in price depending on the complexity of the design and how much work is involved.
  • Payment methods
    All themes on this site can be purchased with PayPal, or by using your credit card (processed via Stripe, no account required).
  • Cancelling subscriptions
    If you enabled automatic payments during checkout, your Paypal account will be subscribed to an automatic payment plan. If you wish, you may cancel the automatic payments via your Paypal account settings. To be sure, you should also visit your invoices page and cancel the invoice.
  • What happens once my subscription expires?
    Once your subscription expires, your forum account will be returned to the "Member" user group. You may continue using your theme on your forum, however you will not have access to support or theme updates unless your subscription is renewed.
  • I'd like to renew my theme, however the "Renew" button is not visible.
    If your billing agreement has failed in the past and you try to renew your theme, the Renew button won't be shown. To fix this, visit your Client Area and click "Manage" next to the theme you'd like to renew. On the product page, click the blue link under "Billing Agreement" in the left menu. Click the "Cancel" button at the top right of the billing agreement page. Return to your theme by clicking Client Area and "Manage" again, and the "Renew" button will now be available.
  • Refunds and Exchanges
    Since the products on this website are digital items, refunds or exchanges are not offered if you have downloaded your product. If you have not yet downloaded your theme, you are able to request a refund or exchange by contacting me.

    Refunds or exchanges are not offered for change-of-mind decisions or accidental orders, so before purchasing, please trial the theme on the demo site and make sure you're using the latest version of Invision Community.
  • Support

  • How long does support last for?
    As long as you are an active subscriber (ie. maintain renewals), you will have unlimited access to the support forums and are eligible for theme updates and support.
  • Downloading themes
    After completing payment, your forum account will be upgraded to Customer status and you will have instant access to your theme inside your Client Area.
  • Custom theme services

  • I already have a psd file, or a coded website template. Can you code it into an IPS theme?
    Yes. If you already have a design, visit the convert to theme page. If you have a coded html website template, visit the website integration page and follow the instructions on how to convert it to a theme.
  • How do I purchase a custom theme?
    To purchase a custom theme, visit the custom themes request page and fill out the form to receive a free quote.
  • Do you offer a forum upgrade service?
    A forum upgrade service isn't offered, however IPS will upgrade you to the latest version for free if you submit a ticket into their client area.