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  4. RT @Aaron_Endicott: AYYYEEE new upload up gang! Hope you all enjoy🤙🤙

  5. RT @MEdwardsVA: The people who made IT (2017) actually made a joke version of the Pennywise/Georgie scene. I don't think I've ever heard of…

  6. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Ori and the Blind Forest · FULL MOVIE [HD] (2015)

  7. Once you have installed IPS, the default location is in the /admin folder.
  8. How to install themes

    where is the admin cpanel?
  9. Our first day at the college! @ConestogaC it was amazing!! Thank you for making us feel welcome 😃…

  10. Updating themes (tutorial)

    Correct. The only themes which require updates are the ones listed in the first post.
  11. Updating themes (tutorial)

    So, I can use v4.2.6 on v4.2.7? I have read many change on theme diff v4.2.6 to v4.2.7 from ipb.. elegant is not affected?
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I think I get the reversion scheme now, too.
  13. @Preston Davis @Behzad4x The HTML code on both the Article index page and Article view page is identical, so it's not possible to only target the index page using css unfortunately.
  14. Updating themes (tutorial)

    Elegant doesn’t require updates. Only the themes mentioned in the first post do. If you aren’t having issues, then feel free to keep using your normal method. The tutorial tells you to do the opposite actually: “Upload new version” should be used to replace the parent theme, not the child theme.
  15. Hello Dear Ehren, This is my question too. This code remove all title from Article too. Please Help us resolve this problem. How change the code that remove only Title form page? Best Regards.
  16. @bradl Converting an existing parent theme into a child won’t work unfortunately. You’ll need to create the child theme from scratch by following this tutorial. Reverting a child theme template file will restore the code from the parent theme. If you revert a parent theme template file, it’ll restore the code from the Default IPS theme which is never usually intended. I hope that all makes sense!
  17. Updating themes (tutorial)

    Thanks. What if you aren't having issues using the Upload new version? How would I know I was having trouble? I read through the tutorial, I guess I don't understand what's happening. I can upload a new version for a child theme, but not a parent?
  18. Thanks for this tutorial! Is it equivalent if I upload the most recent version as a parent theme as described, then simply edit (pencil icon) my slightly modified previous version to be the child to the newly uploaded parent version? If that's OK to do, and if I find in the future that one of the templates that's updated in the parent is one I've modified in the child such that something's not working, if I 'revert' that (child) template does it revert to the parent version, or whatever the contents where when the (child) was originally uploaded? I've never really understood "revert"
  19. Updating themes (tutorial)

    wait for elegant.. tk's
  20. @

  21. Updating themes (tutorial)

    For those of you who update their themes regularly, but have experienced issues using the "Upload new version" feature, I've re-written the installation tutorial with more detailed instructions. The new method uses a parent/child theme combination, which should hopefully force the "Upload new version" feature to work correctly, and your theme settings will also stay in-tact. Additionally, theme updates for 4.2.7 have been released for Animate, Brave, Carbon, Villain, Uniform, Dispersion, Dimension and Snapshot. All other themes require no updates.
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  23. @Hikingyo On a failli

  24. RT @Baka_Raptor: Let Japan Make Its Own Shitty Movies

  25. @MrProWestie I’m sure you could. People at risk you should really take the responsibility to do thatcher

  26. possible to update email address?

    Hello, Sure - just send me a PM with your new email and I'll update it for you
  27. Also, tried using this code to remove the header from my index page which worked but it also removes the content from the article when clicked on. It will only display the user feedback underneath. Is there a way to fix that? body[data-pageapp="cms"][data-pagelocation="front"] .ipsPageHeader{ display: none; }
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