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  3. Hi Courtney, You'll need to be using Invision Community if you'd like to use any themes from this site. If your site isn't using it, you can either install the self-hosted version, or use the cloud version. I hope that helps!
  4. Hi, It is my honor and pleasure to participate in this forum. I run a tech blog site and I would like to know one thing here. Is there any way to apply the theme for a website? If it is then I would apply the theme for my website. I am immensely interested to go further with this theme. Please let me know. Thannks Courtney
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  6. The self-hosted version is available here.
  7. See FAQ. Themes here are only available for already hosted sites running Invision software. Invision offers two different solutions for hosting: Cloud Plans - They will setup everything for you. Self-hosted Plan - You need to setup a site yourself from scratch (domain, server, installing Invision software). No matter which solution selected then you will have Admin Control Panel (https://your site/admin/) where you can install and modify themes.
  8. How do I find my site name? Wait do I have to host my site in order to get the to the https://your site/admin/?
  9. 1. To log into your admin panel input the following URL in the browser's address bar: https://your site/admin/ Of course, if you do not have permissions not possible to log in. You must be an administrator or a user assigned by administrator to access the administrator panel. Other way to do it: do not click on your username directly (not sure where exactly you are clicking on it) but instead expand the user menu visible on the top of the main page and select a matching item from the menu. Again, if you do not see it then you have no permissions to access the panel. 2. Anyway, when you will log in successfully then in the Admin Panel (in short "ACP") you will go to: a "brush icon" on the left side panel > Customization > Themes. And there you can change themes.
  10. I have purchased this theme on ipsforum but i am not sure what to do next? Like how do i edit the website to my liking and also i cant see the Admin Cpanal when i click on my username?
  11. Hi there, Customization can be done in 2 ways. The first is by changing settings in the admin panel. This technique can be used to change colors, logos and to enable/disable certain features. For everything else, you’ll need to add some custom CSS code to your site. If you need help with the code, you can just ask on the support forum and I’ll be happy to assist. The themes are $30, and then $10 every 6 months ($20/year) which gives you access to the updates. If you cancel your subscription, you can keep using your theme. You just won't have any access to support or the latest update until you renew again. You will also need Invision Community installed on your server (or you can use one of their cloud plans). These themes will not work without it. So make sure you’re using that before purchasing any of the themes I hope that helps!
  12. I have some questions here regarding the template, how does the customization part work? Is it too complex to customize a template? And the question of the amount, is it 30 dollars monthly or every 6 months?
  13. Yeah long time ago but with their Splat colours, it was a nice theme for me. I like themes with orange/yellow/blanc combination...mixing its with a dark colour like navy blue... Time to bring back it with IC5 will be a very nice modernised theme made by you I think. Think it please
  14. Wow, splat was a LONG time ago! Good memory! I plan on bringing new themes to IC5. I haven't had any time to design them yet since I'm still working everyday on actually finishing IC5, but once it's available, I'll most definitely be creating themes for it
  15. Hello Ehren, you think releasing new themes with IC5? It will be time to creating new themes i think Personnaly I miss SPLAT!
  16. So, 3-4 Alpha version, 2-3 Beta version, 1-2 RC version Early 2024 will be 'Late 2024' surely Thanks Ehren. I hope seeing a v5 soon for testing and using
  17. We're finishing 2 major features for version 5 and will have an alpha available after those are done. This is usually why we don't give out estimated release dates, since it's simply too hard to predict when working with such a large code base
  18. Sorry, i've not renewed my license at the moment so i can't acces to this forum... So, a beta soon? Final release in this year?
  19. @Feneroin https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/477045-when-can-we-expect-ic-5-to-be-released/page/2/#comment-2965672
  20. So it'll be out when? Normally it was for 'Early 2024'... As always, it mean "Early 2025" for IPS Team? Because there is still not even a Beta...
  21. Hi @jair Your assumption is correct! The countries list was recently restricted due to a higher amount of fraud payments. I’ve just added Bulgaria to the allowed list I hope that helps and thanks for the continued support!
  22. I see that it might be country dependent and you may be able to change the settings. If thats the case, pleas enable Stripe for Bulgaria. Thanks!
  23. I have tried to renew my theme purchase, followed the directions to first cancel the subscriptions and then click on "Renew Now". So far, so good. Unfortunately when I try to place the order it forwards me to Paypal and I don't use it anymore, I want to pay the renewal with credit card. I added the card I want to use in my "Payment methods" in client area, alas the pay now button always forwards me to paypal website. I will appreciate any pointers.
  24. Those updates only need to be applied if those template files have been modified in your theme. Since all of the IPSFocus themes are using the default code for those files, they will automatically update, so a manual update isn’t necessary
  25. But there is actually a difference in theme comparison tool over at the IPS between 4.7.15 and 4.7.16. How come there is nothing to update?
  26. Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce that no theme updates are necessary when upgrading from Invision Community 4.7.15 to 4.7.16, so you can continue to use your existing theme without any issues. Happy upgrading!
  27. Nope! No changes are needed for 4.7.16
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