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  2. Sorry, can you separate my question. Matt said that in version 5 they will move away from jQuery to native JavaScript.
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  4. You might need to be a little more specific if possible. Javascript in v5 looks no different to v4, but that question might be best suited to a different topic instead of the Sale announcement
  5. Hello, @Ehren, can you give an example of a small piece of code of what javascript will look like in version 5 templates?
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  8. Probably not all of them @Gargamel Since they will be recoded from scratch (and potentially redesigned), they won't be available as a free upgrade from v4. I do plan on offering a discount to existing customers though
  9. Hi @Ehren are you planning to update all themes to v5?
  10. Hey @AlexJ I'm not sure what causes this, but it only happens quite rarely. This should now be fixed!
  11. Sorry, Ehren but i can't seem to find renewal button for Deflection. Help please. I tried to follow steps but can't seem to find where is Billing Agreement option.
  12. This year, IPS Focus is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with an extended discount starting from today until December 31st, 2023! All theme orders, including renewals and copyright removal, can be discounted by 30% by entering IPSFOCUS2023 as a coupon during checkout. With 2023 coming to an end, now's a perfect time to refresh your site with a new IPS Focus theme for 2024! Happy shopping!
  13. No theme changes are needed this time, so you're good to upgrade!
  14. Hi there, Support is only available to customers who have purchased the theme. Please sign into your customer account and I’ll be happy to assist
  15. Hy sir. I have ipsfocus.com theme. which is working perfectly till i transfer to new one. But as i transferd to new one its giving me an error which is like that when user logged in user wouldnt able to write description or feedback because the field box get hidden. But as user logged out its appears. can you please tell me why this problem occuring in my new theme. Kindly reply me as soon as possible. I am stuck in this kind of problem. Thanks...
  16. I am normally the person asking that xD But yeah is the Theme Compatible with 4.7.14 or does it need an Design Update. @Ehren
  17. Is it safe to update?
  18. Of course. The new theme editor just makes it easier for customers to edit themes.
  19. Can we get an insight here as to what this means for IPSFocus and other 3rd party themes? Will they still be a thing?
  20. Introducing the new Theme Editor in Invision Community 5! Built entirely from scratch, the new editor provides an instant, live preview of your theme, as soon as you modify a setting. It's a zero-code approach to creating themes, and has been designed to ensure your theme adheres to your color scheme and looks great on every device, with very little effort. Take a closer look and read the full blog entry for more information!
  21. Hi Paul, Welcome to IPSFocus. If possible, please sign into your customer account. Support is only valid for active customers, however your account doesn't have any themes associated with it. You'll be able to post your question inside the customer area once you sign into the correct account
  22. Hello! We are using the Uniform theme, which has the logo on the top left side. Now we want our logo to be centered, but so far I haven't find a way to do that. Therefore my question: is there a way to have the logo centered? Thanks in advance!
  23. Wow, what a review! Thanks mate, I really appreciate it! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the progress on version 5 so far. There’s still lots to come (and unfortunately there’s still lots on my todo list) but we’re definitely making solid progress!
  24. I am absolutely delighted to provide a glowing testimonial for Ehren at IPS Focus. Ehren is an outstanding theme designer. Ehren's design skills are truly top-notch. His themes are not only visually stunning but also brilliantly created with a keen attention to detail. What sets Ehren apart, however, is not just his design prowess but also his unwavering commitment to customer support. From my recent observations, I have found him to be incredibly responsive and supportive. Whenever someone needs assistance with customizing or encountered bugs, Ehren was quick to address their concerns. His dedication to ensuring that his customers have a seamless experience is truly commendable. He goes above and beyond to make sure everything is just right. I am also thrilled with the fact that Ehren is a part of Invision Community. His work on the v5 theme is incredibly brilliant! So, if you're looking for a theme designer who not only creates stunning themes but also provides exceptional support, Ehren from IPS Focus is the person you need. His dedication to his creations and his customers is truly outstanding. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Ehren, for your incredible work and unparalleled support you offer.
  25. We’ve just dropped another sneak peak video over on the Invision Community site. Introducing dark mode, accessibility and performance improvements, and mobile updates. You can read the full blog entry here.
  26. Haha, in that case they’ve technically been in Australia longer than I have.
  27. I have family who moved to Australia in the 80s that sound more Ozzy, @Ehren. Are you giving it your full accent or holding back?
  28. Haha, I'm definitely Australian. You'll likely hear my voice a lot over the coming weeks. Glad you enjoyed the first promo, there's more to come soon!
  29. Firstly, I didn't imagine that's how you sounded. @Ehren (might sound strange to say). You did a great job with the presentation. Unfortunately, you've done to me what the folding Samsung advert claims to do to people who don't have a foldable phone. It's made me more excited about v5, it looks so fresh and modern, a lot more encouraging to get people involved and active. All the devs have done a great job too, plus I am loving the darker IPS style which reminds me of v3 (maybe v3.2). PS. I thought for some reason you were American, but I didn't think you sounded it (this explains my opening comment). You sound like you have a faith Australian accent. which comes to me as a surprise. I was particularly drawn to the South Wales section of the insight v5, which captured my attention. Great hob, great voice over!
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