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Lifetime Customer

Hello Everyone!

I have been a long-time customer here at IPSFocus, actually since December of 2011! Back then I fell in love with the Carbon Blue theme and have used it ever since.

Throughout the years there have been many updates by IPS that required themes to be updated as well. Ehren, has always kept up with the demand and gotten updates out in a timely manner. In addition, he is always here to help with questions about making adjustments or minor customization to his themes so they can fully fit what each individual customer needs for their own community.

In addition, Ehren has always been extremely professional in everything he does here at IPSFocus, really putting that finishing touch on everything else he already does here.

As most of us get ready for IP4, especially now that Beta 1 is out, a lot of people will be looking for new skins, especially if their own is not upgrade-able etc, or their developer decides to put in on the 3.4.7 E.O.L list. With that being said, to those current customers, you are definitely in the right place moving forward for your skin/theme needs. To prospective customers, I challenge you to look around at what Ehren has done here at IPSFocus and seriously consider using IPSFocus for your skin/theme needs as IP4 comes closer to reality!

Thank you again Ehren for all your hard work, past, present, and future! You know I will be one of the first to purchase the updated Carbon skin as soon you release it!

A credit to Invision Power Board

Where do I start?

Viewing your demos is the most difficult thing, it takes forever to pick which one you like most... And when you do you feel the need to buy all the other contenders anyway. Why? They are all perfect and fit the exact needs ... no matter what needs I seem to come up with.

Moving on from that, Purchasing is truely easy. Immediate download, easy to navigate website and easy installation as is expected. Everything seems to just work. The prices are unfair, We simply don't seem to pay enough for what we are sold, but hey it's a good problem to have.

But what if you have an issue? Well Ehren will take the time to ensure it's fixed, ney .. Improved! He is very quick to jump on top of any new reports and requests for help, and provide fixes as opposed to 'Thanks I will look into it' replies that some other authors opt into supplying.

And if your issue is because you wanted to customize it a bit? That's OK too, he will still help. And not 'for a small fee' ... he just helps. Amazing. He has gone out of his way multiple times for me and my community as I have seen him do for others and it astounds me that one person can offer such an offering of products and support.

The skins quality does not match their pricing, they are worth a lot more than you pay. They include so many functional and aesthetic features that simply make your forum feel like a better place to be. All because of this one guy, who is dedicating so much of his time to us.. the Web Admins.

No other Author seems to be able to provide the price, quality, functionality and support that is provided here. This is why I own most of the skins offered and am currently in the process of ordering a custom HTML > IP.Board skin. There is nobody else I trust as much as Ehren to continue supplying my skins in the future, so I've stopped even looking. I have gone so far as to just donate for no reason because I have run out of skins to purchase.

Thank you Ehren, from the bottom of my heart and from my community staff and members. You have truly ensured that we can fully enjoy our experience without impacting functionality.

I have tried them all, none can compete

My first skin purchase was from IPSFocus. I loved the theme, but always wanted more so I bought another. Then I thought why not try some other companies? So I did. I have purchased skins from all the other big name skin makers out there. But guess what? I always come back to IPSFocus.

Ehren's skins are the best take it from me. It's not just the looks but the coding underneath. It always seems like other skin makers have small bugs here and there with their skins. But Ehren's coding is rock-solid. Plus the updates he releases are so fast. While other skins makers take weeks to release theirs.

I am always impressed by Ehren's work and by his new skins. I visit here daily, just to see if he releases something new. If you are in the market for a new skin, don't waste your time or money and invest in a skin from IPSFocus. You will be glad that you did. Again thanks for all the hard work you have put into your skins Ehren, they really are a work of art! is the ONLY place to buy IPB 3 skins

I have now just bought my second skin from Previously I have been using the Engraved skin which has been fantastic, I loved all of the little creative bits that were added and it's great to see now with the new skin I have bought; Animate, that those little creative bits have been added to, more are there.

Ehren's skins are all extremely refined, precise, fantasic looking and on top of that, incredible value too. No other skin website even comes close for IPB3 skins.

I haven't actually had to deal with Ehren himself much but he seems very friendly and it sounds like he helps out a lot with other people and keeps this community alive and happy.

Keep up the good work

Excellent, Extremely pleased

I would just like to say that as a new customer of IPSFocus I've been extremely pleased with the following:-

- Overall quality of the skin - I'm using Uniform and I'm really happy with the look and feel that has been achieved

- Upgrade to 3.2 - Some skin providers have really struggled with the transition to the new version, it inspires confidence to see the efficient and professional manner in which the skins have been upgraded by Ehren.

I can see that you put a lot of effort into IPSFocus and wish you all the best for the future and look forward to doing business with you in the future too!

Awesome experience with Ehren & IPSFocus

I just wanted to drop a quick post about Ehren's services. It is very rare to find designers who are a full package...Talented designs, Keeping them up to date and on top of that, are willing to go that extra smile to help you out with any issues and questions you may have.

I think Ehren may very well be my new favorite designer on the IPB side of things, simply because all of his designs are amazing. I've purchased the Villain Skin and it is a beautiful Skin and certainly the best(though this is my opinion and I like all the skins) that has been done yet.

Thank you so much for your support and answering all my questions...I'm truly a needy person when it comes to things I don't get and I am glad that you can ask questions and not feel like an idiot or feel like you're bothering Ehren because he always answers back in a respectful manner unlike a lot of other designers or developers!

Can't wait to see what awesomness Ehren creates for IPSFocus here in 2014


Amazing website, magnificent styles

I will just be simple, this is the best IPB skins you will find ever. End of story.

Gravity in green - we like

Using your skins for our complete site. Amazing. Good Job and we got very good feedback! Thank you man!

Finally a Customer Here

I've purchased your skins in the IPS Community and this is the first time I've finally bought one here. The New IPB Skin: Shift is definitely worth every penny. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. Thank you Ehren, for yet another satisfying skin!

Stunning Skin Company (5 stars)

Just want to congratulate Ehren on a five star set up here.

I have to say I heard about this site from the failings of another site and I always considered IPSFocus second best but wow was I wrong. Firstly the site here is supreme, easy navigation, nice demos and friendly forums. So I purchased my skin, Animate, and I got it to download instantly and my account had customer permissions. Great no waiting!!

Now I installed the skin and it was excellent. Well coded, laid out and professional. Down to the very last detail to fit in with the overall colour scheme of the skin. I had no underlying issues with the skin itself but I found a few IPB bugs, from their custom skin, tarnishing Animate and then I posted up on the support forum.

Ehren replied quickly and with a top quality fix to ensure I was having no problem. Apart from the stunning support from Ehren, the customers here have developed a stunning set of tutorials such as creating a CSS dropdown menu!! Ehren is always on ready to answer the new support requests.

I had one major issue where my CKEditor was not working with top level commands. I messaged Ehren and he investigated the issue but found nothing. He pointed me to a thread, again made by a helpful customer, with a hot fix for the skin.

Now I am running Animate on my forum with stunning success, everyone is loving it.

So to summarise, five star:

- Staff Support

- Customer interaction

- Skin code

- Clean, crisp website design

I cannot find a fault with this company and I personally have never said that before.

Perfect Skin, Perfect Company

I would like to thank the dev for creating very good skins.

I have made some edits to my skin and i am very happy with the outcome.

A+ company.

Best themes available?

I say yes.

First up, a disclaimer: I've been through various themes for SMF 2.0, vBulletin and just recently IPBoard. I have two skins from another skin website, they're great, but what sets IPBFS themes apart from the rest are the little details. Everything is just so crisp and smooth looking. There's not a rock left unturned here.

I've only so far purchased Engraved and am loving it. I do plan on purchasing more as time goes. So far, I can't find any faults. Plus, Ehren updates his themes faster then anyone else currently out there which is a huge plus for us running IPB 3.2.

Really, take it from a guy who has been running forums since around 2004. Ehren simply put, has some of the best themes I've found anywhere online. Warmly recommended not just because of his themes, but also the service he gives here on the forums answering help threads nearly instantly.

10 outta 10.

+1 for IPSFocus!

Submitted a basic question for porting a theme to wordpress for our site and was given permission : no questions asked.

Would just have to say that these skins are bad ass ! Thanks for your hard work everyone.

Deflection is a must!

Wow, just wow... Amazing, Bought it.. Very proud.

And yes the skin does matter. Your forum will get more posts, members caring about it more, coming back more, etc..

But yeah, great job on Deflection!


I first heard about Ehren few months ago and how amzingly talented his was (still is). I had one previous forum which I bought few skins from a competitor (HUGH MISTAKE), at first I thought IPS was having some issues why the forums where moving slow to even which at some point I got connection time out and the list goes on, So I decided to change the theme, purpose of my forum at which I decided to check out Ehren's skin and let me tell you this, this has been the best choice I've made in a long time.

Since I purchase my first skin couple months ago its like an addiction I'm on my third skin now and they all looks, fit and works wonderfully on my boards. The support and services I get from Ehren is one in a million there are simply NO OTHER!!!!

My Experiences

I've been here for awhile, and seen how well Ehren supports his community. Not very many people do that, even big businesses. I find it he's the best at what he does, he provides excellent support and the best Invision Power Board skins available. I've viewed several websites, but the only one that comes close is SkinBox. But their skins aren't as stable and clean as the skins you find here.

He helps when you have questions, fixes bugs you report with your skins, and upgrades skins automatically when a new release of Invision Power Board comes out. So he makes it a lot easier for regular people like us to manage our own communities.

His skins have support for most, if not all IPS add-ons, including shoutbox, tracker, and SEO.

So the support here is great and out of all this, you only have to pay once so you can buy as many skins as you want and keep them for IP.Board 3's lifetime.

Thanks again Ehren and your awesome skins.

Another testimonial? Yes, why not

I felt that another testimonial was due, not because of any new purchases (I have my three skins, I am happy!) but because of my experiences since purchasing these skins.

I run two very different forums with different audiences, so I needed the flexibility to customise my skins according to those audiences. I've posted many questions in the customer area and always get a straight answer from Ehren, more often than not with the instructions to make the change I am after. This has ranged from some simple corrections to themes (padding issues and such) to full modifications, moving components of the skin around to better suit my desired look. I've run many forums in the past on just about every forum software out there, I can say with confidence that other skinning companies I've used have been lacking where Ehren excels.

I also decided that, due to a change in the actual look of the theme, we would not be updating one of the forums to IPB 3.2. This left me in a bit if a pickle as I desperately wanted to use IP.Content, which as of 3.1.4 was not compatible. Ehren has fixed that for me, logging into my ACP and making the necessary changes. It didn't cost me anything for this to be done and Ehren seemed genuinely happy to help (I didn't have to beg, convince, nothing).

Support is crucial in any product I purchase and I'll readily admit that I am a high maintenance customer, I expect a lot and I ask lot's of questions. Each and every time, I've left here happy with the answers.

If you are looking for a skin that's reasonably priced, stylish and comes with great support, you've come to the right place.

Fantastic work Ehren, still a very happy customer.

Great Fast and AWESOME company here!

I wanted to say that I have been more than satisfied with IPSFocus. They have gone above and beyond what they are required to help me.

If you are considering buying a skin go for it. They will support it. They are a great company!

Agree with Fantastic Skin & Support

I love these skins! They're classy and beautiful and really make a forum fun to be a part of! And the support is great. I have never gotten better support from someone that I've bought something from! Great work Ehren! Can't wait for the next new skin to come out!

Fantastic Skin, Fantastic Support

Just a big shout to Ehren for developing some brilliant skins and being so engaging and supportive of his customers. Questions are answered fast and the answers provided are concise and help.

We're so happy with the first skin purchase that we're going to be getting a second one.

Another Perfect Skin - Excellent Service

Once again, myself & my team at Eskimo Huskies would like to say another big THANK YOU to Ehren for the development of our second custom made forum skin.

This second custom made skin design was a decision made by myself & my team to upgrade the software, along with our gallery & to give our forum skin a "fresh, clean lined" look & feel.

Also my forum was fast approaching its one year birthday, to which we felt change would be a great way to celebrate!

Today, 01st May 2011, my second new custom skin design went live to the members of my community & we have celebrated its 1st year on-line.

The response from members has been tremendous!

Ehren, the feedback has been outstanding. Everyone likes the design of the new fresh look & we are all delighted with your wonderful work.

Thanks again, for working with us, for being patient through all the minor skin changes that we made along the way!

Myself & my team decided to stay with IPSFocus for the design of our second new custom skin, we're so pleased we did.

Having trawled through the Internet & to say it simply here, there were no other designs out there we liked.

Having worked with Ehren in the design of our first custom skin, we felt that the service before was excellent & well worth staying with IPSFocus for this second new custom skin.

Again, we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future.

Great skins, but truly excellent support

I bought Infinite dark and I am extremely pleased with the skin, it’s very well made clean and sharp.

On installation however, I had several teething issues. Two of which were not even skin related. However, Ehren was extremely helpful, and even though these weren’t his problems, he offered assistance, help and support.

I have bought skins from other vendors and I can assure you. “YOU WON’T” find this kind of support anywhere else. When the “sugar” hits the proverbial fan, and it will. Service and supports comes into its own. That’s why I would, and can wholeheartedly recommend buying from this site.

Has that final touch

I've had my medium sized forum for almost 4 years now. Starting with IPB 2.3.x. I developed my own skin which I used for a long time. Then the first skin I bought was Carbon Green for IPB 2.3.x

Anyway I moved onto IPB 3 when it came out and Carbon Green was quickly updated. It's a fav for a lot of the users, not to dark, not to bright and it feels natural. It's by far the best dark skin out for IPB at the moment.

I have bought 3 other skins from the biggest rival site to here. The skins from here aren't just a bit of eye-candy, they are sharp, smooth and cool. It's easy to find a nice skin but it's really hard to find a skin you love and suits your site.

I got two skins, the demo was nice, the features were amazing but applying it onto the site. It didn't have the same finished feeling, it had some amazing graphics but it lacked that final touch.

I then got the Uniform skin and it's pushing to be the default skin for my site.

The skin just oozed professional, the clean greys combined with the flexible features. My word to anyone reading thinking about a skin from here against skins from other sites.

You won't get better professional looking skins that you and others will want to use, anywhere else. You can get a skin that looks good for a few days or a skin that looks good for months from here.

Can't get better!

The skins are amazingly fablous - There is no doubt about it

However what impresess me the most is the support, Ehren has been there to answer all my questions (I asked many) in a matter of few hours, sometimes minutes.

You won't go wrong with IPSFocus

Repeat Customer-Completely Satisfied!

I have purchased skins since the original IPB board from this site, and I have to admit that they keep getting better! I just purchased the Overlay Blueberry and it actually looks better installed on my forum than the screen shots!! All modules look great! Thanks Ehren!

Good skins? I would say THIS IS AWESOME

Now I own two skins from IPSFocus, Animate and Uniform.

I will tell what i think about IPSFocus.

It's awesome that.....

...all skins are just amazing! and easy to customize can pay with Moneybookers (I'm from Austria and only got a russian bank account because i come from russia, paypal doesn't accept my account, why ever)

...the designer & admin Ehren is every day here, he is a really nice person, the support is just great

...the designs are not that expensive, 30 Dollars for each of those great designs i use now are not that much

...Ehren upgrades the skins for newer IPB Versions and the official Addons

Negative things?

Ah yeah, now i know something negative....

Buying skins here can be addicting. :)

I am sure that i will be buying more skins from here in a while, maybe when there are new ones incoming

There is no alternative!

Over the years we have tried skins from all of the known suppliers and they all provide poor support at best. However, having found and used IPB Forum Skins our view has changed completely.

IPB Forum Skins provide skins of the highest standard and most importantly of all the level of customer support is second to none.

To not use for ALL your skin needs is tantamount to lunacy!

Doing IPB Proud!

I've got to say, this is the best theme creation service I have used in all my years as a web developer. The themes are so smooth and clean and the service is just amazing! Quick, easy to understand and straight to the point. And the prices, for someone with a tight budget such as myself, are the best around (and yes, I've definitely been looking for value for money themes).

I think IPB Forum Skins will give Invision that leg up it needs to be able to gain more popularity over vBulletin and XenForo as these themes are just so attractive! I would recommend this site to anyone starting out with a new forum! We hope to use your services in the near future!

Sobernation testimonial

I was skeptical about emailing just some random "person". You have a quality website and a very personable personality. You contacted me back within 24 hours and you were beyond helpful. Your services are affordable and well worth it. If I have an endeavor along these lines in the future you will be my go to guy. Thank you so much.

Awesome work!

I was looking for a simple theme for my new gaming site, i just could not find one anywhere!

After searching around i found Ehren and his great skins!

I will definatly be refering IPB Forum Skins to my friends who also host forums!

Great skins

Just want to say that these skins are the best, and the support that is given by Ehren is awesome. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more skins released in the future.

Ehren is the best designer in the world

Seriously, I am not kidding or overreacting with the topic title, its a truth.

Clean themes, clean images, excellent support, regular updates, SIMPLY IPSFocus is the best designs and themes community for IPB!! is the #1 brings the absolutely best skins for a decent price

Keep creating high quality skins

Anyone agrees with me

Excellent Work!

I have 4 skins (and I am sure to get more in the future) from IPSFocus. And I love them all! I recent purchase was infinite dark and I love the ability to customize the color by a click of a mouse button. Amazing work!

Great Skins, Great Service

I just purchased my third skin from here last week and very impressed.

These are by far the BEST skins out for Invision Board. And if you need anything he replies very quickly via the forums. I will never buy another skin from anywhere else. If your trying to decide weather you should purchase from here or another site don't think again, purchase here! Thanks again!

The Holy Grail

Infinite Light.

Finally search for the perfect skin over :D

You have crafted an absolutely ..exquisite piece of art. :)

Your work is outstanding, your service, also very professional ..and I look forward to checking back in here regularly.

Thanks again

Custom Skin

I just wanted to say thanks for turning my website design into a forum skin, something which I had struggled along with for a long time.

You did a great job. Great communication - will use you again.

Brilliant Skins - Brilliant Service

When I first saw the skins here, I fell in love with them. So far, I have purchased a few skins from Ehren, and I have been so happy with them. The service that you get is great, you pay, and within a day your skin is emailed to you and it easy to set up and looks so good. I just wish that I had found this site earlier.I will definitely consider getting a custom skin from here, and I would recommend this site to anyone.

Great products & support

You have great products and your support is top notch. I will not hesitate to send recommendations your way and will continue to monitor for other outstanding skins that will give our members added enjoyment..

Positive feedback

Just wanted to let you know, I opened my forum up yesterday to my users, and there is so much positive feedback about your skin, everyone is talking about how amazing it is! So thank you again.

Perfect Skin - Excellent Service

Myself and my team at Eskimo Huskies would like to say a big THANK YOU to Ehren in the production of our new custom made forum skin.

The design of the skin complements our forum to the exact needs that we required and your service was excellent.

Thanks again, for working with us and being patient through all the minor changes that we made along the way, together with all those E-mails and loss of Internet connection, right bang in the middle of the design! We got there in the end and the finished skin is perfect - We are very happy.

I am so pleased that myself and my team decided to use IPSFocus for the design of our new custom skin. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future.

All our kind regards Ehren,

Paul and the team @

I haven't been a customer in a while, but from my past experiences, Ehren is fantastic speed, support, and quality. And always follows up, even months down the line. So if anyone is hedging their bets about whether or not to order anything from him, premade or custom or otherwise, just do it. It's worth every penny.

Excellent & Quick!

Over the past I've used many skinning sites, however none have been as fast, or as high quality as ipsfocus.

I will use them again!

Superb custom skin

It took a little while to get to the front of the queue, but the skin Ehren produced for my forum was better than I could have imagined, he managed to capture the theme of the site magnificently.This and the exceptional service you receive throughout, its little wonder he's so busy. For anyone considering getting a custom skin, its definitely worth the initial wait.

Highly recommended should be every IPB forum owner's first stop in customizing their boards. I've used other custom services, but have not had the quality and level of detail that Ehren put into our boards. Ehren is a very creative individual and was able to design the look of our boards with very little instruction and nailed it. Our members haven't stopped raving about the new look. Thanks again to and thanks to Ehren for another job well done!

Cannot right highly enough

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Ehren for coding my skin, I had it designed although was stuck with trying to find a professional coder for the right price.

After a lot of searching I contacted Ehren, within a day I had received a quote for the job, literally 24 hours later and the skin was fully coded and in my inbox, I was amazed as the speed of service, as well as the handling of my (admittedly many stupid) questions. After talking to other people who have been in a similar situation they've had to wait between 1 to 2 weeks for their skin to be done, so all I can say Ehren is a big thank you for the incredible service and after sales support, I won't think twice if I ever need such a service in the future.

Put simply: 10/10 for speed, 10/10 for customer service, all at a very reasonable price. Keep up the fantastic work. :)



Great themes and great service

Like someone posted before these really are a work of art. Everything just works and is very well done. The more I use it the more I respect his time and work that he put into the themes. The transactions go very smooth. Plus the members love the new look. Why bother even looking at other theme sites? These have the best looks, plus the best quality out there for your money. Don't hesitate pick one up today!

Excellent Skins; Excellent Customer Service

Just before the holidays, I decided to switch my community (active since 2001) to IPB forums from another forum platform. Being completely new to IPB, I have had a very steep learning curve.

In the process of searching out skins, I came across and found the Carbon Blue skin, which fit exactly what I wanted for a default skin for my website. I was able to purchase the skin quick and easily, and Ehren was very helpful pointing me to the install file and was available in case I had any issues.

I have since purchased all current Carbon skins (four total), and Ehren made the process of purchasing the skins and a bit of custom code for my future applications of the skins extremely painless and very easy.

I wanted to thank Ehren and for the high-quality skins and high-quality customer service. I will be recommending this website to anyone that wants great products and great customer service.


Carbon green testimonial

After installing the skin I realised the true quality of the skin that you don't get in a preview.

The corners are so neat, all the colours work well together and it's really easy on the eye and easy to read the posts, the quality of the post buttons is the best I have seen probably.

Member quotes
"best skin ever"
"it truely is the bollox, was worth tolerating the other one all morning"
"wow its awesome. best skin yet"
"Wowzers! Worth the wait :) Really nice and good on my eyes"
Another great skin from!

I would just like to leave my thanks here to Ehren from IPSFocus for yet another awesome skin.

I have been a forum owner for practically as long as Ehren has been doing business, and have always been pleased with his work! Ehren thanks for the great quality skins and customer service, I haven't seen anything even close to the amount of not on great graphic work that you do, but also how you help your customers out. It's truly amazing to believe that this is all being owned and run by one person! IPSFocus has been my skin-shop for over the past 3 years, and it will continue to be in the future.

To anyone that is wondering about getting a skin, don't be worried! Ehren is a great person when it comes to customer service! Always good response times, great advice, and also open to lend a helping hand if it's related to a skin that you've bought. I've never been told that I couldn't be helped if it was anything related to a skin for my IPB Board! That's something I doubt other skin-shops just can't compete with!

Thanks for the quality skin like always Ehren.

Satisfied Customer,

David K.

Just purchased Carbon Blue 3 and ...

It is honestly a work of art! I got for $25 the same quality of skin that I would have received from a $400 professional skin designer. Great job mate and keep up the good work

Ehren - Skinning God


Ehren has to be the best skinner for IPB ever had or has :) The custom skin he done is just amazing, the detail of it all is just sexy :) It was no suprise that he won the IPB skinning contest. Not only is he the best skinner he is also the best one man support, even with the heavy work load he is still willing to skin my IPS addon..

How do you do it Ehren?

Keep up the amazing work!

Great skin and prompt service

Just wanted to leave a little note here. I purchased the Deflection skin about a week ago and I couldn't be happier. It looks and functions exactly how I expected. And when some of the colors were off on the Download app on my site (since Ehren does not have this installed to test on), he very promptly logged into my site and fixed it. Now I see some of the advantages in paying for a skin (I've only used free skins in the past).

Thanks again

Beautiful Job

Ehren designed my new skin a few months ago, so I thought I'd stop by and mention how well it's working out. It's a fun green theme with toads, and my members love it. The theme is very distinct and makes my forum stand out. Thank you very much Ehren. I know those were difficult colors to work with, but it turned out beautifully.

Outstanding work

Ehren was able to get my custom skin designed and running in a very short period of time.

The skin is absolutely amazing. Ehren was extremely good at capturing the concepts I had envisioned for my site with astonishing accuracy.

Thank you!