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While I was browsing the net and looking "premium forum themes" I stumbled upon Ehren's other site (Skinbox).

From there one thing lead to another and I came across IPSFocus and to my surprise I actually liked what I saw.

The themes screamed premium to me, like they were several steps ahead of what the competition was offering (all forum software).

It was then and there that I made my decision to go with Invision Power and it's all thanks to the designers of this little forum.

I say little, but great things happen here. I find myself getting more help on IPSFocus than the official channels when it comes to theme customization.

I've bought Chameleon Dark 4x. and while content with it, greater things are to come in the form of a Custom Theme.

And there isn't anyone else I would entrust to that task, with that said I'm looking forward to what we can create and I recommend anyone in doubt to give this site and it's offering a try.

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