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IPS.Suite 4.x has a custom forum icon feature built-in by default. To set custom icons for your forums, go to Admin Cpanel > Community > Forums.

Expand your category and click the Edit icon next to your forum name. Scroll down to Icon, select your image and press Save.

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in Uniform skin when we apply icon its showing gray colour, can help how to make its colour full

If you'd like to purchase the theme first, I'll be happy to help. If not, you'll need to remove it from your site as you do not own a valid license.

A solution will only be posted in the Customer forum. ;)

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3 hours ago, Peterpapas76 said:

Hey Ehren how do you change the forum icons for invision's default style only without it affecting the other styles? Thanks!

You’d need to use css to modify the icons and assign background-images to them. I unfortunately don’t have a copy/paste solution but if you need it done, I can work on a solution for you 🙂 

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