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Razor S Edge

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Hello Everyone!

I have been a long-time customer here at IPBFocus, actually since December of 2011! Back then I fell in love with the Carbon Blue theme and have used it ever since.

Throughout the years there have been many updates by IPS that required themes to be updated as well. Ehren, has always kept up with the demand and gotten updates out in a timely manner. In addition, he is always here to help with questions about making adjustments or minor customization to his themes so they can fully fit what each individual customer needs for their own community.

In addition, Ehren has always been extremely professional in everything he does here at IPBFocus, really putting that finishing touch on everything else he already does here.

As most of us get ready for IP4, especially now that Beta 1 is out, a lot of people will be looking for new skins, especially if their own is not upgrade-able etc, or their developer decides to put in on the 3.4.7 E.O.L list. With that being said, to those current customers, you are definitely in the right place moving forward for your skin/theme needs. To prospective customers, I challenge you to look around at what Ehren has done here at IPBFocus and seriously consider using IPBFocus for your skin/theme needs as IP4 comes closer to reality!

Thank you again Ehren for all your hard work, past, present, and future! You know I will be one of the first to purchase the updated Carbon skin as soon you release it!

-Razor S Edge

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