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A credit to Invision Power Board


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Where do I start?

Viewing your demos is the most difficult thing, it takes forever to pick which one you like most... And when you do you feel the need to buy all the other contenders anyway. Why? They are all perfect and fit the exact needs ... no matter what needs I seem to come up with.

Moving on from that, Purchasing is truely easy. Immediate download, easy to navigate website and easy installation as is expected. Everything seems to just work. The prices are unfair, We simply don't seem to pay enough for what we are sold, but hey it's a good problem to have.

But what if you have an issue? Well Ehren will take the time to ensure it's fixed, ney .. Improved! He is very quick to jump on top of any new reports and requests for help, and provide fixes as opposed to 'Thanks I will look into it' replies that some other authors opt into supplying.

And if your issue is because you wanted to customize it a bit? That's OK too, he will still help. And not 'for a small fee' ... he just helps. Amazing. He has gone out of his way multiple times for me and my community as I have seen him do for others and it astounds me that one person can offer such an offering of products and support.

The skins quality does not match their pricing, they are worth a lot more than you pay. They include so many functional and aesthetic features that simply make your forum feel like a better place to be. All because of this one guy, who is dedicating so much of his time to us.. the Web Admins.

No other Author seems to be able to provide the price, quality, functionality and support that is provided here. This is why I own most of the skins offered and am currently in the process of ordering a custom HTML > IP.Board skin. There is nobody else I trust as much as Ehren to continue supplying my skins in the future, so I've stopped even looking. I have gone so far as to just donate for no reason because I have run out of skins to purchase.

Thank you Ehren, from the bottom of my heart and from my community staff and members. You have truly ensured that we can fully enjoy our experience without impacting functionality.

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You are welcome, I don't endorse or otherwise say what I don't believe in. I think my purchase history more than proves that ;). It is I that is thanking YOU for the continued support you provide all of us customers for the little payment we give to you.

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