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Responsive skins?

Responsive Skins  

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  1. 1. Do you think IPBFocus should make all their skins responsive?

    • Yes.
    • Yes, ofcourse! Weird that it isn't already.
    • No.
    • No, waste of time.
    • I don't care
    • What's a responsive skin?

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Hello ya'll.

I've wondered since day one, why there are nearly no responsive skins for IP.Board.

I've noticed that other skin developers are making their skins responsive, and i am still waiting for IPBFocus to do so. What's the reason for none of the skins being responsive? I would honestly buy a addon for $30,- to make the skin responsive from IPBFocus.

$30 Skin

$30 Addon

= $60 per sale, anyone else agrees that IPBFocus should start doing their skins responsive?

The 'Subway' skin is nearly responsive, well. It works fine on phones without any issues, but still not responsive.

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