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Awesome experience with Ehren & IPBFocus


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I just wanted to drop a quick post about Ehren's services. It is very rare to find designers who are a full package...Talented designs, Keeping them up to date and on top of that, are willing to go that extra smile to help you out with any issues and questions you may have.

I think Ehren may very well be my new favorite designer on the IPB side of things, simply because all of his designs are amazing. I've purchased the Villain Skin and it is a beautiful Skin and certainly the best(though this is my opinion and I like all the skins) that has been done yet.

Thank you so much for your support and answering all my questions...I'm truly a needy person when it comes to things I don't get and I am glad that you can ask questions and not feel like an idiot or feel like you're bothering Ehren because he always answers back in a respectful manner unlike a lot of other designers or developers!

Can't wait to see what awesomness Ehren creates for IPBFocus here in 2014


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