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We're in the process of updating our website from joomla to ipb and are nearly done with the migration. It's an adult gaming community,, so we're looking for a clean, mainly CSS theme. I see several that may work. My concern? Finding a FRONT PAGE? I guess you call it a portal. In joomla when I bought a theme it came with a front page design as well, but it seems many themes for ipb are mainly for the forum, blog, articles, etc. I assume most if not all of the templates do not come with a front page we can use? Are we limited mainly to having to create our own?

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Invision have an addon called IP.Content which allows you to create a homepage for your forum. It also allows you to create custom pages (such as a news page which only shows gaming related news, etc).

The skins on this site are compatible with IP.Content, so if you use that, you'll be good to go. :)

Alternatively, you may be able to find some free portal mods, but I can't guarantee they'll be 100% compatible with these skins.

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