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mush zombie

A late testimonial

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My boards would look like crap if Ehren wasnt around making all these awesome skins :)

Somehow I have always been a fortunate person... I found and bought my first skin, which was Infinite Dark, within a few days of purchasing my first IP board license. My website has never felt like an "amature" website because of these well designed skins. You know, the kind of amature feel you get when you go to an open source forum.

That was nearly a year ago. Since then I have also purchased Animate (which is my favorite BTW) and Blueberry for my second IPB website. Everyone always talks about how nice my websites look.

If only they knew how easy it is.

Hats off to you Ehren. Thanks for making great things possible for everyone who is smart enough, or in my case, fortunate enough, to use your skins. I have seen some horrible examples of what people could offer as a "premade skin."

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