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I have a few question about Gridlock, it's a really cool looking skin.

1) How customisable is it? Can I set the number of rows and columns myself?

2) Does it support sub-forums as well?

At your go custom page, there is a "what do I get" button with a nice sliding menu drop down, do you sell that as well?




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Hi Lim,

Apologies for the delay. I was overseas from the 17th-27th.

1. The number of columns varies depending on the users resolution (and if you have enabled the flexible width setting). Editing the width of the columns is difficult due to the folding effect, and it's therefore difficult to manually control the number of columns. If the visitors screen is wide enough, it'll support as many as it can fit. The rows are simply determined by how many forums you have.

2. The subforums are shown on the index page under the forum description. The actual subforum page (which lists the subforums and topics within the parent category) does not have the grid effect.

The slide effect is custom coded with jQuery. It's a very simple effect to achieve. :)

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