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first I like to thank you Ehren for all these fantastic theme here. All of them are really great and well coded. Thanks for this.

I have now purchased several themes here and at the moment I use on my forum the "Vanilla" skin. Iove light skins which are not so heavy loaded, so this in my opinion is the perfect light-weight skin I ever had.

I customized it a bit so it fit perfectly in my community and topic in there (gaming, mmorpg, Pen'n'Paper RPG http://onlinegilde.net ). This well coded skin together with the good options of customization in the ip.Board backend is really fun to use. Everthing could be customized very easily and looks really great.



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Hi Benny,

Looks awesome! The fixed background image adds a nice effect too. Good work :)

Glad you like the skin!

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