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Animate Skin Questions


Hi There -

I am interested in the Animate theme, and had some questions. I am very new to all of this, so please be patient with me =)

I love the layout of the Animate skin the most -- but I would rather the header not be animated lol. I would rather a still image be there. So is it possible to stop the animation?

I want to create my own header picture for the skin, so what are the dimensions of the header in the demo so when I create my own, it will fit there just as nicely?

I want to use this theme with ip.content, but not sure how that works. Basically I want 2 colums on the homepage. The left side for news articles that members can comment on, and the right side to be the sites forum stats. Or something similar to that. The news articles that I post, I want them to actually be threads within the forum. Will I get that with this theme?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!


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Hi Austin,

The animated effect in the header can be removed easily, and I think there's already a tutorial in the customer area teaching you how to do it. The header is a background image, so make it 130px high, and however wide you want.

IP.Content is supported by these skins (which means the colours/styles are inherited), but any layout modifications will need to be done on your end. The skins simply inherit whatever layout you have created for IP.Content and just style it accordingly.

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