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I've had my medium sized forum for almost 4 years now. Starting with IPB 2.3.x. I developed my own skin which I used for a long time. Then the first skin I bought was Carbon Green for IPB 2.3.x

Anyway I moved onto IPB 3 when it came out and Carbon Green was quickly updated. It's a fav for a lot of the users, not to dark, not to bright and it feels natural. It's by far the best dark skin out for IPB at the moment.

I have bought 3 other skins from the biggest rival site to here. The skins from here aren't just a bit of eye-candy, they are sharp, smooth and cool. It's easy to find a nice skin but it's really hard to find a skin you love and suits your site.

I got two skins, the demo was nice, the features were amazing but applying it onto the site. It didn't have the same finished feeling, it had some amazing graphics but it lacked that final touch.

I then got the Uniform skin and it's pushing to be the default skin for my site.

The skin just oozed professional, the clean greys combined with the flexible features. My word to anyone reading thinking about a skin from here against skins from other sites.

You won't get better professional looking skins that you and others will want to use, anywhere else. You can get a skin that looks good for a few days or a skin that looks good for months from here.

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