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Which Browser do you use?


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been an IE user for a very long time.. only decided to get firefox when I started to learn about codin, cos things that work good in IE dont always look the same in FF..

I do like some of the features FF has, but it seems a bit twitchy.. the plugins and all that are nice tho, as is the ability to skin your browser to your taste.. I'm workin on one to match our forum skin this week.. its a lot of work, but I think our members will like it..

So at the moment.. both.. but i did see something about a plugin that lets you see how things will look in IE, so I'm gonna check that out before I make a decision..

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But i still use IE for some coding purposes

They make an extension for firefox that lets you switch between IE and FF instantly, mainly for coding purposes. It's great to have so you dont have to open separate browsers. Heres the url:


They also make one for opera instead of IE but I prefer the IE one. Someone needs to make one that lets you switch between all three browsers. Hope that helps you out. :thumbs:

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