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Wow, what a site!


Yep. Thanks to all the members and guests here, and more-so Ghost, a great great community has been created. Based on Googles Pageranking system, IPBFS has scored a 5 out of 10, which is pretty excellent. The community grows rapidly each day, with more posts and new members. In about a month, I would be willing to say that this community will have an easy 6/7 ranking. Just thought I would congratulate and inform you all on the major success this website has been :) Please, everyone, keep up the posting, activeness, and refering. Thank you alot Ghost, you have done a hell of a job creating, maintaining, and designing this website. Thanks :)

Google Pagerank: http://www.checkpagerank.com/?url=www.ipbforumskins.com

Alexa Ranking: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/main?url...bforumskins.com



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