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I have tried them all, none can compete


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My first skin purchase was from Ipbforumskins. I loved the theme, but always wanted more so I bought another. Then I thought why not try some other companies? So I did. I have purchased skins from all the other big name skin makers out there. But guess what? I always come back to ipbforumskins. Ehren's skins are the best take it from me. It's not just the looks but the coding underneath. It always seems like other skin makers have small bugs here and there with their skins. But Ehren's coding is rock-solid. Plus the updates he releases are so fast. While other skins makers take weeks to release theirs. I am always impressed by Ehren's work and by his new skins. I visit here daily, just to see if he releases something new. If you are in the market for a new skin, don't waste your time or money and invest in a skin from Ipbforumskins. You will be glad that you did. Again thanks for all the hard work you have put into your skins Ehren, they really are a work of art! :thumbs:

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