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Excellent Skins; Excellent Customer Service

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Just before the holidays, I decided to switch my community (active since 2001) to IPB forums from another forum platform. Being completely new to IPB, I have had a very steep learning curve.

In the process of searching out skins, I came across IPBForumSkins.com and found the Carbon Blue skin, which fit exactly what I wanted for a default skin for my website. I was able to purchase the skin quick and easily, and Ehren was very helpful pointing me to the install file and was available in case I had any issues.

I have since purchased all current Carbon skins (four total), and Ehren made the process of purchasing the skins and a bit of custom code for my future applications of the skins extremely painless and very easy.

I wanted to thank Ehren and IPBforumskins.com for the high-quality skins and high-quality customer service. I will be recommending this website to anyone that wants great products and great customer service.


Jason Stix Buckley

Stix Fx Entertainment


24/7 Lounge


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