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Subway for 4.5, plus updates to all other themes

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Following a complete rewrite, I'm happy to announce that Subway is now available for Invision Community 4.5! It can be downloaded now from the Client Area if you're an active Subway subscriber!

Since the upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5 is fairly significant, a fresh installation of the theme is required. Once the 4.5 theme has been installed, you may use the "Upload new version" feature for future versions.



In addition, all other existing 4.5.x themes have been updated to version 4.5.4 which includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed some formatting issues with the “Unread bar” in topics.
  • Highlighted posts were displaying incorrectly in some themes and have now been fixed.
  • Github is now supported as a social icon.
  • Ensured post buttons are always aligned to the left, even if the reputation system is disabled.
  • Fixed the colours of the Trader Feedback addon on profiles in dark themes.
  • The colours in the support/ticket area have been improved in dark themes.
  • Adjusted the way positive/negative colours are controlled in dark themes.
  • The “Larger font-size” setting in the Customizer now affects the Activity Stream.
  • Profile avatars and buttons no longer overlap fixed headers.
  • The color of headings in the Profile Stats has been improved.
  • The “Community Map” addon no longer overlaps fixed headers.
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A patch has just been released for Subway which fixes the missing Color Picker on mobiles.

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