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I'd like to buy your IPS theme, but I'm concerned with Titan's performance on mobile platforms. It looks great, but *probably* because of heavy transparency it's much, much slower on mobile platforms. It lags even on newest iPad Pro 12,9 which I have. So basically, it will lag on everything other than performant desktop. Screen is moving visibly glitchy which I think substantially lowers user's enjoyment and might even scare people off from activity, from visiting.

So my question is - could you please provide some fix for that? I guess it could be done somehow to maintain very similar looks with no performance issues, but I think you would do it better than me, as a developer of the theme, knowing it fully. I think it would also sell much better for you if you provided some premade, optional solution for that. Could you please work on it in some nearby timeframe?

Also, if you'd have some even temporary fix or advice for now, I'd appreciate that, as I'm interested in buying right now. Thank you.

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Hi Sarr,

Welcome to ipsfocus :)

The Titan theme seems to run smoothly on my iPhone, however I unfortunately don't have an iPad Pro to test on. Does the lag exist on my demo board, or are you viewing a different site which is using Titan?

The two things which are unique to Titan are the blurred category headers and the gradient background, but it seems odd that such a powerful tablet would struggle to render these correctly, especially since they're fine on an iPhone. I can send you some css which will disable these effects on the iPad Pro, however it'll be guess-work since it's not possible for me to physically test Titan myself.

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