Why I bought a theme at Ipsfocus

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Hi there, 

I am about to start a web/sys/admin community in my native language (fr). I took the time to compare different boards, and after some hesitation b/w XF and IPB, my final choice went to IPB. 

And one thing that helped on the decision is the quality of Ehren's themes. He also provides a few designs for Xenforo as well, so in case I rollback on my decision later on, well...I know I can still count on his designs. 

And what I really like with his designs is that they're really neat, clean ; plus you can feel that he put a lot of effort in all the aspects of the designs. Even when on the demo board, you may have a good idea of the design on a live board as he added some fun posts with the modern family & SW stuff. Not to mention all the designs are eligible to the latest IPB version. 

So I just feel confident that by buying his theme I'll have a great style that will withstand the changes that will come. 

Now one quick suggestion if I may : In a next theme it would be awesome to see a style with a large header and scrolling stuff, just like Taman did on the Behemoth skin. I feel that your skins are more "solid" and well thought in general, so adding your talent to this kind of "modern" approach would be nice ;) ! 


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