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Open-Canvas IPB Skin Competition


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The Open-Canvas Graphic Design Community IPB (Invision Power Board) skin competition


  • Theme: Invision Power skin based off the style of the splash page open-canvas.net
    Entry Deadline: May 25th
    Prize: $40 (via paypal)
    Other: Please use this
tile as the background.
Please have the skin 800-1000px wide (fixed width)
Have a space for an interchangeable logo.

This competition will be spread out acress the IPB programmer/graphic design communites across the internet. keep in mind only the best layout will be chosen. I want some bang for the buck :D

How to Enter: Please email a screenshot preview of the index page of your skin to skin_comp@open-canvas.net

Good Luck,


P.S. Keep in mind this skin will be used for a graphics site. Skin accordingly

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