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4.1.19 ETA?


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6 minutes ago, kaos00723 said:

Hello there,

Hate to be the one to ask but since this is an important update (security and speed), I'm hoping to upgrade to it asap. Do we have an ETA for when the themes will be compatible with it?

Thanks in advance!

The theme differences report hasn't been released yet, but expect them over the next 24-48 hours :)

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9 minutes ago, kaos00723 said:

I saw they were updated, thanks!

I noticed Carbon doesn't say anything about being updated though, is that theme working with 4.1.19?

Strange - I likely just forgot to paste the text, but I've just double checked it so it's all good now.

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7 hours ago, loz said:

Ehren, has it changed that much. Am thinking will just update the board and do the theme on the next update, so long as it won't break anything.


I don't recall all of the changes by memory but you're welcome to continue using your existing version.. If you run into any issues though, just make sure you upgrade to the latest version before reporting the bugs :) 

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