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Questions about Ortem


Hello, I'm interested in Ortem and have a few questions about how it works.

  • How many background header choices can we put up?
  • Are the colors in the color picker customizable? Can I pick my own shade of green to offer members instead of "Apple", etc?
  • The information page about the theme says "Your members can choose two colors to create their own color scheme from a predefined selection." Is that a typo or is there a way to pick a second color?
  • Is the color choice saved by member account or by computer/browser? i.e. If I sign into different accounts in the same browser on the same computer, will it remember separate choices?
  • Would it be fairly easy to modify so that the header background images don't cover the full background, but keep their original dimensions? (more like a banner)
  • Lastly, is this skin image-free like Elegant? (or nearly so?)

Sorry for the barrage of questions! I really like the design and functionality of your themes. 

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Hi Nemmy,

So sorry for the minor delay - not sure how this topic slipped through without a reply!

  • The background picker supports up to 6 choices
  • The colours in the picker are very easy to edit. There's a tutorial if necessary :)
  • You're correct regarding the typo - it's actually only one colour. Apologies for that, the description must have been copied from Shift!
  • The colour choice is saved via cookies, so it won't translate to other browsers. Cross-browser and device choices would require database fields which aren't possible using themes :)
  • Editing the banner image dimensions is very easy
  • All of my themes are coded with as few images as possible. Neither Elegant or Ortem have excessive images - they're coded with modern css.

I hope that helps - once again, sorry for the minor delay and welcome to ipsfocus!

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Maybe another customer who has Ortem installed could help me?

If you do and wouldn't mind letting me know how easy it is to customize the color picker choices, I would really appreciate it.

If you could help with the other questions too, that would be fantastic, but the colors are the main sticking point to buying this theme and we need to choose soon. 


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Oh, yeah, that makes sense about the color choice/cookies issue. That should've occurred to me. :)

Otherwise, sounds perfect for our board. Thanks for your help!

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