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I was lost, and then I thought of IPSfocus

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I had a skin from IPSfocus a few years ago but I didn't make it work, the forum didn't grow bigger. Then I went to PHPBB for all of my other forums. But I had already bought IPB and it was gonna cost me a few extra buck to get it going so I decided one of the forums to be IPB. I was searching for themes. I have complete forgot about IPSfocus. So I was searching and searching. I got so pissed that I thought leaving the IPB and the license and moving to PHPBB.

I was just browsing when I thought of IPSfocus and that I had been using it before and I liked it.

The easy customization options were great and I went with it right away. The social buttons, main buttons, the beautiful user and registration menus, everything.

I picked my skin pretty fast, I needed that military look. And I needed a custom font. With the help of the owner and some other threads already posted here, I managed to smooth out everything. His support was pretty quick. He answered me right away. Now It's left to add some forum categories. And some SEO, and that's it.

Job is already done.

Credit goes to the owner, Ehren, thanks a lot man. :thumbs:

I will buy again! And I will be using another IPB with new license with your themes, that's what I can tell. :thumbs:

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