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Changing logo in header

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Hi there;

I just got setup with IPS yesterday and am making a few customizations right now. I stumbled upon this thread and it seemed to be rather current so I thought I'd ask here. :D 

A couple of questions: 

1) I have a relatively small, text based logo. In mobile view it breaks to another line instead of staying in the main "header". Since there is room in the header for both the logo and the nav menu, having it on the next line looks sloppy. Is there a way to move it from that second line, to the main header when viewing on mobile? 

2) I've got multiple variations of our logo. Is it possible to have a different variation appear on mobile than on tablet / desktop? 

Thank you very much for any help anyone can provide. 


- Adam 

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Hi Adam,

Welcome to ipsfocus.

1. The top bar on mobiles contains the navigation icons (latest posts, search, hamburger icon) on the right side, and the breadcrumb navigation on the left side. On the index page, the breadcrumb navigation isn't shown, but if you browse around, you'll notice that space is occupied.

2. There are no options by default to allow a different logo for mobiles. You could maybe hard-code this in, but I don't currently have a copy/paste solution for you unfortunately. Sorry about that!

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10 hours ago, ProC Punisher said:

what is best size for a logo with the Carbon theme? Thanks

The Carbon header is 120px by default, but any size logo will work. The CSS will simply resize it to the correct dimensions.

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