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I am trying to donate some bucks to Ehren for all his work in upgrading these skins.. IPS cant ever release the board right the first time, so it makes all of us have to keep messing with it, and Ehren have to keep upgrading his products (not just his boards :P )

Anyway, paypal wont let me donate... I am putting all my info in like I normally do, and it just doesnt go through. I have tried two different cards! Anyone else having this issue?

You should kick Ehren a few bucks btw. Messing with these skins is not really all that fun, I have been pissed off at it all day :lol:

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I've had a few people contact me saying that they couldn't donate using their credit card. Very strange since it's the same code I've used for all past donations.

If you still wish to donate, you can simply send the donation to admin (at) via Paypal. The same "donator badge" reward applies. :)

And unfortunately you're right - there has been a tonne of hours spent on these skins so far. One of the downsides of making so many in the first place. :(

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