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Suggestion for future skins of 3.4 - 'Load more' function

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hi, Ehren,

I just wanted to let you know that since you are upgrading all your skins please add in the LOAD MORE function to them.

It's like this thing when you have scrolled till the end of replies in the topic and instead of clicking next page, you just click on 'load more' and it loads another page of replies without refreshing the whole page. just like in . the only difference that 9gag automatically loads new content when you are near the bottom.

it would be cool to have a setting, stored in a cookie or something. whether you want new content to automatically show up when you scroll to the bottom or do you want to click the button to load more.

I have seen somewhere that it was done on IPB 3.2/3.3 and it was really nice. would be nice to keep up with innovations :)

what do you think?

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I swear I replied to this the other night (well, I know I did but I guess I forgot to press the Post button)

This is not possible through pure skin edits. You will need to install a modification if you want replies to be "endless" in topic view.

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