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Problem with the caching

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Dear Support,

We changed some files on our web server that are in the skin cache folder because we needed to change the skin.

The indication "cached" presumes that the cache may be deleted sometimes.

1. Is the IPB engine responsible for skin cache?

2. How often the skins refresh the cache? Maybe never.

The theme we purchased from you is encoded. So I do not have any way to change the files that way. It was the cat in the sag.

Is there any help idea.

In parallel I am asking the IPB forum support the same questions, but maybe your tips can trigger me to do the right thing.




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You have not purchased a skin from this site. Additionally, none of my themes are encoded. They're simply HTML, css, php and javascript like every other skin. :)

Support is not usually offered to users in the Members group, but the cache can be emptied/recached in the admin cpanel under Template Tools.

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