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Great Skin // Great Service

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Ghost is a good salesman along with being a good skinner. Luckily I had not purchased the skin until this sale occured, so I saved myself a load of money. Plus service is fast, I believe there could be better methods, but regardless, after I had bought my skin, I received it via e-mail around an hour later. The skin is in good quality and I can easily customize it for my needs. I love the skin and so do my members.

Here are some of their reviews.

-"wowowowowow love this skin!!!!!!!!!!!"

-"ya i like it better then the last one

hope it stays this way to"

-"Love the skinneh!"

-"As for the skin, it's the best one so far. The posts don't feel as claustrophobic as before and it's a lot more inviting to post. This is a step in the right direction."

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Glad you and your members are enjoying it :)

I popped around to your site the other day and saw those comments too :P

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