New IPB Skin: Spectrum

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Introducing Spectrum for IP.Board 3.2.x

Spectrum is a VERY customizable skin and is focussed around a color picker which changes the color scheme for the entire skin. The skin is packed with features which can be easily enabled or disabled by modifying the settings template file in the admin cpanel (instructions provided with purchase). These features include:

- A color picker

- HTML text for the logo

- "Settings" Template file

- Floating Header Bar

- "Extra Links" dropdown menu

- Social Links

- Tooltips for descriptions

- Customizable (basic/detailed) topic view

- Guest message

Click here to find out more about Spectrum!


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Yes, i am diggin the new skin as well. With a few edits you could make this look a lot like the Skinbox skin.. hmm..i i think this skin will be my next purchase.

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I'm thinking of buying this skin, but I'd like to see the topic list and topic view have font-size changers (two buttons in the title bar - one to make the text of the list/posts smaller and one to make the text bigger). The settings for the list or posts font size should be persistent like the skin color changer.

Also, I noticed the message box that IPB tries to display (like when you log in) is hidden behind the fixed top menu bar. It needs to be lowered or placed on top.

I also noticed that the topic preview submit button (the pop down that shows when you click on the preview button in a topic list) is styled incorrectly. The button is shown as light text on light background.


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