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Custom Skin?


Hiyo. I am sorry if this is in the wrong place. I greatly apologise but i couldnt find out where it could be placed. I visited your website and am please with both the quality aof your premade skins and the process in which it is being made. I would like a premade skin or my forum which you should see in my profile somewhere. The thing is though I cna be a bit... demanding Iwhich is why i am glad you keep in touch. I would like a skin that is uniquely for my site. I also want the right to use the same type images for said skin to match the website.

Some details about the desired skin:

Somethnig similar to your dimension blue, just a bit more complex.

I would lie it to be a sky blue instead of dark blue

The Main title mainly white with a nice design that incorporates the blue

I want the text to be something like Tohama, Trebuchet or Verdanda (texts similar to Arial but not arial)

The font cannot be black. but a dark grey ish colour. I dont need the skin to be fancy fancy though that would also be nice. As you should knwo i would like it to be white well a really light grey as white is painful on teh eye

I am giving you the choice of Bue or red .You can choose the light ble or deep red but i would like some kind of gel like design to it.

The site is mainly a teen onlne site so i would ask tha the banne(i thnk you said you made one) be grafitti or something like that. If you can do this please let me know. I'm here for another hour or so then im off for work but ill be back home at 11 pm est. I'll be awaiting your answer.

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Hey Emilia,

You can find out more about our custom skins here :)

I'll be able to help out; just go through the above steps and we can get started.


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