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I say yes.

First up, a disclaimer: I've been through various themes for SMF 2.0, vBulletin and just recently IPBoard. I have two skins from another skin website, they're great, but what sets IPBFS themes apart from the rest are the little details. Everything is just so crisp and smooth looking. There's not a rock left unturned here.

I've only so far purchased Engraved and am loving it. I do plan on purchasing more as time goes. So far, I can't find any faults. Plus, Ehren updates his themes faster then anyone else currently out there which is a huge plus for us running IPB 3.2.

Really, take it from a guy who has been running forums since around 2004. Ehren simply put, has some of the best themes I've found anywhere online. Warmly recommended not just because of his themes, but also the service he gives here on the forums answering help threads nearly instantly.

10 outta 10.

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