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I've been here for awhile, and seen how well Ehren supports his community. Not very many people do that, even big businesses. I find it he's the best at what he does, he provides excellent support and the best Invision Power Board skins available. I've viewed several websites, but the only one that comes close is SkinBox. But their skins aren't as stable and clean as the skins you find here.

He helps when you have questions, fixes bugs you report with your skins, and upgrades skins automatically when a new release of Invision Power Board comes out. So he makes it a lot easier for regular people like us to manage our own communities.

His skins have support for most, if not all IPS add-ons, including shoutbox, tracker, and SEO.

So the support here is great and out of all this, you only have to pay once so you can buy as many skins as you want and keep them for IP.Board 3's lifetime.

Thanks again Ehren and your awesome skins. :)

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