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Another Perfect Skin - Excellent Service

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Once again, myself & my team at Eskimo Huskies would like to say another big THANK YOU to Ehren for the development of our second custom made forum skin.

This second custom made skin design was a decision made by myself & my team to upgrade the software, along with our gallery & to give our forum skin a "fresh, clean lined" look & feel.

Also my forum was fast approaching its one year birthday, to which we felt change would be a great way to celebrate!

Today, 01st May 2011, my second new custom skin design went live to the members of my community & we have celebrated its 1st year on-line.

The response from members has been tremendous!

Ehren, the feedback has been outstanding. Everyone likes the design of the new fresh look & we are all delighted with your wonderful work.

Thanks again, for working with us, for being patient through all the minor skin changes that we made along the way!

Myself & my team decided to stay with IPBForumSkins for the design of our second new custom skin, we're so pleased we did.

Having trawled through the Internet & to say it simply here, there were no other designs out there we liked.

Having worked with Ehren in the design of our first custom skin, we felt that the service before was excellent & well worth staying with IPBForumSkins for this second new custom skin.

Again, we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future.

All our kind regards Ehren,

Paul and the team @ http://www.EskimoHuskies.com

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