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Good skins? I would say THIS IS AWESOME.


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Now i own two skins from ipbforumskins, Animate and Uniform.

I will tell what i think about ipbforumskins.

It's awesome that.....

...all skins are just amazing! and easy to customize

...you can pay with Moneybookers (I'm from Austria and only got a russian bank account because i come from russia, paypal doesn't accept my account, why ever)

...the designer & admin Ehren is every day here, he is a really nice person, the support is just great

...the designs are not that expensive, 30 Dollars for each of those great designs i use now are not that much

...Ehren upgrades the skins for newer IPB Versions and the official Addons

Negative things?

Ah yeah, now i know something negative....

Buying skins here can be addicting. :)

I am sure that i will be buying more skins from here in a while, maybe when there are new ones incoming :)

Thanks, keep this as it is, it's awesome (as already said :P)

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