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ipbforumskins.com is the ONLY place to buy ipb 3 skins


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I have now just bought my second skin from ipbforumskins.com. Previously I have been using the Engraved skin which has been fantastic, I loved all of the little creative bits that were added and it's great to see now with the new skin I have bought; Animate, that those little creative bits have been added to, more are there.

Ehren's skins are all extremely refined, precise, fantasic looking and on top of that, incredible value too. No other skin website even comes close for IPB3 skins.

I haven't actually had to deal with Ehren himself much but he seems very friendly and it sounds like he helps out a lot with other people and keeps this community alive and happy.

Keep up the good work,


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Thanks a lot.. :) Many hours were put into making Animate unique, particularly the design of the board index and I think it stands out as one of the better dark skins for IPB (out of the ones I've made anyway).

Glad you like the designs, and thanks for the positive feedback!

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