IP.Board 3.1.x and premade skins

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Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder for anyone who hasn't been around recently. All current premade skin owners who have purchased 3.0.x skins will receive a free upgrade to the 3.1 version of their skin. I have decided the safest way to upgrade the skins is to recode them from scratch in order to prevent any bugs from occurring.

The skins will be upgraded over the next couple of days. An order hasn't been determined yet, but they'll all be upgraded. If you need to upgrade your forum to 3.1 before I've finished upgrading the skins, feel free to do so - but it just means you'll need to use the default IPB skin until I've upgraded the premade skins.

I'll update this post with the skins that have been updated as I finish them. :)


Updated skins: (all skins are compatible with IP.Board 3.1.x as well as the Gallery, Blogs, Downloads Manager, Calendar, Portal and Chat)

- Overlay Blueberry

- Overlay Apple

- Overlay Cherry

- Baisik

- Splat

- Carbon Blue

- Carbon Red

- Carbon Orange

- Carbon Green

- Deflection

- Checkered

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splat seems to be nice for next upgrade



Splat is done. :) Will move onto the carbon series, then deflection.

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