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Hi everyone,

I've just finished updating the site design - thought it would be nice to have a small update here and have it ready for 3.1.x when it's released. The biggest improvements are with the way custom skins are handled. There's now a submit form (rather than asking you to email me) which will make the process much more streamlined and easier. The design is also a little wider than the previous version, allowing more content to fit nicely. :)

Invision announced an EOL (end of life) date for IPB 2.3.x for July 1, 2010. Since a large majority of sales come from 3.x skins, the 2.3.x skins have been removed from the site. If any customers need to purchase the 2.3.x version of the skins on this site, just contact me and I'll arrange it for you. :)

There may be a few bugs around the place, so if you run into any, just let me know! Any feedback on the design is appreciated :thumbs:

If the site design doesn't look right, perform a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 for windows -- command+R for mac) and it should update your cache. :)

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