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Theme Updates: 4.6.11


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Hi everyone!

Yesterday, Invision Community 4.6.11 was released which required a minor update to themes. Along with 4.6.11 support, the theme update includes:

  • The “Add files” and “Add screenshots” button will no longer crop the notification badge when uploading a file via the Downloads addon.
  • Fixed some z-index stacking issues in the Activity Stream.
  • Improved the contrast of text on the Announcement pages.
  • Improved the contrast of “Locked” buttons in certain themes.
  • Increased the padding in some sidebar widgets.
  • The z-index of the editor on mobiles has been adjusted. It now only sits above the mobile navigation bar when the editor has been tapped.
  • Forum icons now display correctly when the “New Years” event is selected.
  • Themes which have extra google fonts embedded are now using the latest embed codes, with font-display:swap for better performance.

The themes are available for download in the Client Area, and will be rolled out across the Invision Marketplace over the next few days.

Happy upgrading! 🙂

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2 hours ago, Arcade King said:

I'm having a strange issue where I was able to update Uniform to 4.6.11 however Carbon wont allow me to update via the Marketplace and remains on 4.6.8 and says its up to date.

I purchased both via the Marketplace at IPS before I knew about this site.

Hey @Arcade King

Carbon may not have been approved yet. Sometimes it can take a few days for the Marketplace files to become live and delays are usually common during software updates since many developers are uploading new versions 🙂 It should be live sometime over the next couple of days.

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