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Hey, I purchased the IPS Dark Charmeleon themes in april, I used invision for a month, Then stopped, Im starting it back up. I uploaded the theme and i noticed the menu has a black bar under and its not lined up with the site menu logo. 


The tabs (Browse) (Activity) (Store) (Support) are above this black box in the header, How can I get rid of that dark black box in the header and then make the tabs big and even with the logo in the header

Screenshot 2020-10-16 114116.png

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Hi @Ziggy747

I'm assuming you purchased the theme from the Invision Marketplace? If so, feel free to send me a PM with your Invision username and I'll upgrade your account on this site to Customer status.

I've just checked the theme on your site and it seems to be working correctly for me. Did you manage to get this fixed?

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