Userbar Dropdown Menus Close When Hovering

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I am working on sticky nav bars and swapping quick search with Userbar on default theme and everything looks good so far except I have a big problem with the username and create dropdown menus!  You can click them and the dropdowns display nicely but as soon as you roll your mouse down to select a menu item, the menu closes without a click!  It does the same thing for guests trying to click Sign in!  I have been messing around with this for hours and I can't find the problem (CSS is not my specialty!)

Here is the URL for my test board:

Click on Sign In to see the problem...

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The relocating of the user panel into the navigation bar has likely caused this.

The navigation menu uses javascript to show/hide dropdown menus, and that is likely conflicting with the user panel dropdown menus. Since you're using the default Invision theme and not an ipsfocus theme, I unfortunately don't have a simple solution for you, but hopefully that guides you in the right direction :)

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Thanks for the reply!  I heard you were the authority on sticky nav bars so I figured I'd ask! 

I do like your Dimension theme, I just hate to add another license fee to my yearly bills right now!

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