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What drawn you to IPSFocus?


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According to my profile, I have been a client of IPSFocus for 5 years - it's made me wonder how others have found their way to this community and what made them choose their theme.

I started off with my main site, I was show a theme by and friend I felt it looked a lot more professional.

I customised it a fair bit, mostly with help from various people. I found myself wanting to expand to my other sites. What attracted me, first and foremost was Ehren - his support is incredible and I feel he goes above and beyond for us clients. The support is unlike elsewhere, but the pricing, features, look and ease of use makes it a great choice to bring out a great community.

Obviously, appearances is only part of a site but I do believe in starting from a solid base - which IPSFocus offers.

I own 4 themes, Uniform is my absolute favourite but I do like Carbon too.

Uniform dark is a great addition, as it's why I swung towards Carbon as a dark theme. Now, it falls neatly inline.

What about you?

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That's a blast from the past @Ero-Neko, I seem to recall Skinbox re-creating old styles of IPS classic themes.

I used to have themes by Tom Christian if I recall right, he had some nice features but I found them to be very choppy and having a lot of white space (which tends to annoy me). There's some great designers though who work on third-party themes, but other the years I have fallen mad about the ones on offer here.

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Long time ago (early 2000's) it used to be about eXtremepixels I remember being on an old GFX forum, and saying "I'd love to do this". I believe this was Invision Power Board v2.0.x series. Time moved on and I found Ehren's themes and loved them for how stylish they're. I always wanted a custom theme but I just can't afford the prices.

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