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I just wanted to say that when I first signed up for IPS, I knew there was no way I was going to use a stock looking forum, and I needed to "customize" it, give it a better look with a theme. I searched, and looked at various themes until I came across this site. All the themes offered on ipsfocus have a clean, polished, professional and stylish look to them. I was so happy to have found ipsfocus. I ended up going with the Chameleon theme, and have been using it for 5 years now.

The support offered by Ehren is second to none. He has always been able to help with any styling queries I've had, minor issues, and even gone as far as to help with issues I was dealing with due to 3rd party plugins, that were not really his responsibility to do so. Incredible themes, and even better support. 

I'm looking forward to what Ehren has in store for IPS 4.5 and beyond.

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5 years is an incredibly long time, very nice!

I'll be making some improvements to all themes for 4.5, so I hope you enjoy them as much as you have with previous versions! Thanks very much for the nice testimonial! :)

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