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IPS 4.4.3 update blocked by Deflection theme..

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Hello, so IPS 4.4.3 just came out but i cannot update because its blocked by Deflection theme..


Incompatible Theme

One of your themes is not compatible with the version you are upgrading to because it includes modifications to templates and/or CSS files which this version needs to update.

If you obtained the affected theme from a designer you should contact them to ask if a new version of the theme is available for this version. If there is, continue with the upgrade and then update the theme after. If there is not an update available, you may want to remove that theme or wait until a new version is available before proceeding.

If you modified the affected theme yourself, you can use the links below to review your customisations. If the customisations are no longer required, you can revert them, otherwise you will need to incorporate the changes made by the version you are upgrading to. For more details on the theme changes in this version, see the Theme Differences Documentation.

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I've taken a look at the changes and they don't seem to be critical. Feel free to continue with the software update, and then upgrade the theme when I release it :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, however I'll make a start on the updates tomorrow night and hopefully have them released shortly after.

As The Heff mentioned, you can continue with the upgrade still. It isn't blocked by your theme. :)

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