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Amazing Custom Theme and Header/Footer Matching


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I just had to share our experience of working with Ehren.  We recently completed a pretty major website migration which included a completely new marketing site design.  We didn't use Pages as it just isn't anywhere near as good as most other CMS solutions at this point (we ended up using Craft), but we wanted to continue using IPS for the community aspect (forums).  As such, it was critical for us to find someone that could create a theme that matched our marketing site (especially the header and footer, but of course, also the body).  While the design itself was done by a marketing firm, we worked with Ehren to actually generate the IPS theme for us.

Ehren was quick to reply to all my questions prior to contracting him and even quicker at developing the theme.  There were a number of quirks with the design that had to be matched and each time we found something a little off, Ehren was incredibly quick to resolve it and get back to us.  In fact, there were a few items we didn't even catch until after we paid the final invoice for the theme and Ehren still helped out by fixing those issues for us.

For those that want to check out the work Ehren did and how good the theme matches our site, check out these two links:

https://unraid.net (hosted via Craft CMS)

https://forums.unraid.net (hosted via IPS)

In short, if you're looking for someone to help you implement a custom theme for your IPS community, Ehren will NOT disappoint you.  The guy is just pure awesome!

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