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It's time for another testimonial!

The Heff

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Today I broke 400 posts on this forum and realised it's been over 7 years since I became an IPSFocus customer, which at the time was called ipbforumskins. :)

I started using IP.Board, as it was back then, when I decided the free and open source solutions weren't going to fit my needs. The second consideration after choosing the software was to suitably customise it, to suit my needs at the time. At the time I ran a successful gaming community, and opted for a theme called Infinite. It was a great skin with a built in colour picker, something I hadn't seen elsewhere at the time, and was easy to customise. When it wasn't easy, a quick post on this website made it easy.

I subsequently created an astronomy forum too, and again opted for a skin from here. Animate was just perfect for my needs, and a quick modification later meant it looked like it was made for an astronomy forum, it just worked! My members absolutely loved it, and still do. I still use the very same skin today.

Come IPS4, Infinite was sadly discontinued, but a new skin quickly took its place. Spectrum, a skin with cyclic colour changes based on the time of day, was chosen. Again, it was perfect, and the tutorials Ehren had proactively created on his website helped me customise it to my needs with minimal effort.

I've also used the odd third party customisation in the years I've been a customer, and Ehren has never failed to give some advice on CSS changes needed to get things working together.

I've never purchased a theme from elsewhere. The themes here are top notch and the support is top notch, it's everything I need in a theme provider to continue running my website with confidence.

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What an awesome review, and congrats on the 400 posts - what a neat milestone!

I never would have thought I'd have such long time customers, 7 years is a lifetime in terms of software usage, so thanks for all of the support over the years!

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