I was not aware that purchases from the Invision Power Board and here were not linked..... anyhow, I do have a question about this. I purchased this skin a long time ago and I just realised that this skin does not support the reputation system. I am unsure if it is because of the recent update or if it never supported it to begin with, as this was not set as the default theme for my site. Now that I have permanently used it on the redesign of the forums, it was brought to my attention. Hopefully someone can still answer this, even though it was not bought from here directly :(.  

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10 minutes ago, Ehren said:

Dashboard is compatible with 4.2 - you just need to download the latest theme update from the IPS Marketplace :)

Yeah unfortunately I could not get into my old IPS account, so I just bought a new one here. But at lease my forum is running smoothly again. 😊

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